Contemporary Istanbul Plugin Identity

Agency: Ouchhh
Director: Ferdi Alici
3d Artists and Designers: Bahadir Dagdelen, Caglar Ozen
VFX Technical Director: Caglar Ozen
Matte Paint: Caglar Ozen
Director of Photograpy: Ozgu Ozbudak
Video Production: Ozgu ozbudak, Selay Karasu, Eylul Duranagac
Logo and Identity Design: Eylul Duranagac
Sound Design: Alican Okan

Plugin Istanbul Management Team: Grid İstanbul
In its 8th edition this year, the largest and most influential art fair of Turkey and the nearby region, Contemporary Istanbul will launch a new section called Plugin Istanbul, which will be devoted to video, new media and digital art in general. A fresh and exciting addition to Contemporary Istanbul, Plug-In New Media Fair will bring a fresh perspective to the field. It will embrace both galleries and architecture and design studios. Plugin Istanbul will have a very large scope, which will set it apart from other fairs of its kind and embrace video art, sound and light installations,interactive and generative design, indoor mapping projects, robotic designs -any and every art piece you could plug in, in the adjacent Istanbul Congress Center within a 1.000 square meters area.

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