Artificial intelligence

MASOM: Musical Agent based on Self-Organizing Maps
Can we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create super-human musicians? Can we create an AI that listens to more music than a human could? Can we train AI on the compositions of dead composers and play with them on stage?

Musical agents are AI software making music. Musical Agent based on Self-Organizing Maps (MASOM) is a musical software agent for live performance. MASOM plays experimental music and free improvisation. It learns by listening to audio files such as recordings of performances or compositions. We can train a MASOM agent on a set of music that is so big that it would take more than one human life to listen. Similarly, we can train MASOM agents on dead composers and convert their fixed media piece to interactive musical agents.

MASOM also extracts higher level features such as eventfulness, pleasantness, and timbre to understand the musical form of what it hears. MASOM is limited to the style of what is has listened to and reacts in real-time to what he is hearing. The agent can listen to itself and other performers to decide what to play next.
Members: Kıvanç Tatar and Philippe Pasquier

MASOM joins two media art companies from Istanbul, Ouchhh and AudioFil for a performance at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 Artificial Intelligence in Linz, Austria:

and for a projection mapping piece on the Facade of Romanian Parliament at the IMapp 2017 Bucharest, Romania: